"We are one people
living on one planet
breathing the same air...
feeding from the same earth
Robyn Walker



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Astrology & Numerology - A Scientific Approach - 2 part program

Kerrie Redgate - www.kerrie-redgate.com
Dr Neil Hair - neilix@bigpond.com

Two part program - filmed mid-2006

How much credence do you place in the value or not, the accuracy or not, of astrology and numerology? Are you one of those people who has, perhaps, made some skeptical comments around these sciences, based on daily astrological forecasts in papers… without any real personal experience….or are you one of those believers that says ‘well, we know that the body is made up of around 90% water, and the moon has a huge effect on the tides of the oceans….and police forces around the planet increase police numbers on a full moon, as they know emotions seem to escalate under those lunar energies……so there may be something to it…… ‘
This ‘must see’ topic will be aired over two programs, as the two guests have, collectively, spent 60 years researching their subject matter. Their information is timely for all of us – on an individual, generational and global level….and just may have you re-thinking many, many areas of your reality.

Kerrie Redgate - Astrologer/Researcher, Flower Essence Therapist, Reiki Teacher, Author & Educator. Kerrie's first love was her passion for music. She spent 10 years both composing and singing with professional bands in various styles (jazz, blues, rock, etc) while studying astrology...which she sees as another expression of musical harmony.
By age 30 though, she was at a cross roads in life and is now a practicing Buddhist, and highly acclaimed Astrologer, who has developed an innovative and inspirational approach to the use of ‘Astrology as a Science of Mind’. Kerrie’s 20 years experience with clients is based on 30 years study and research into astrology.
She is currently writing her first book, “Astrology and the Seventh Veil”, incorporating all aspects of her unique research which links Astrology to Flower Essence Therapy, the Human Energy Fields of Consciousness, Cosmology, Physics, Brain Science and Buddhist Yogacara Psychology.

Dr Neil Hair was born in Scotland and completed a BSc Chemistry (Hons) and Phd in X-Ray Crystallography by 1972. Neil always had a flair for numbers and analysis and, after teaching science and chemistry, relocated to Australia in 1974. He lectured in chemistry at Sydney University, then moved into finance and computing, initially as a Financial Analyst for consulting actuaries.
In 1986 Neil helped set up and manage a software company in the finance industry, which was subsequently sold to Coopers Lybrand and Midas Kapiti International in 1996.
In 1979 Neil also began an interest in numerology and astrology, initially as people he knew who were into it. It wasn't until 1980/81, due to a personal life crisis, that he studied numerology at a more serious and in-depth level.
He is now the Principal of the Sydney School of Numerology and operates a numerology and astrology-based business, Neilix Consulting Pty Ltd, in which he offers consulting, training and workshops to encourage personal and business development.
Neil has been a speaker at the Spirituality, Leadership and Management (SLAM) conferences in 2000-2002, columnist for the Living Now magazine for the past seven years, writing on elections, and the "decade of double zeroes" with yearly predictions and 'end-of-year' correlations.
He is writing several books on numerology and one on the relevance of current world times to the shift from Piscean to Aquarian Ages.