"We are one people living on one planet
breathing the same air... feeding from the same earth
Robyn Walker


Robyn Walker Bio

Robyn’s work in the world includes running her own personal/team development training company “Unison Communications Pty Ltd”.  Her major focus is what she terms “Developing Human Synergy” ….’working together for the same beneficial outcome, thereby creating more’ and her ‘Synergy Model’ can be viewed on her training website…along with testimonials.

Robyn’s programs are fun, interactive, and transforming. Most importantly, this journey of discovery is only to be undertaken by those managers and staff who are willing to accept the Unison challenge that, by the end of the program, they may well look at themselves and others in a far more accepting and acknowledging light.

Although this ‘challenge’ is a little ‘tongue-in-cheek’, it is only when people have experienced for themselves, what the concept and reality of Developing Human Synergy is about, will they have some understanding and vision of the beneficial power they can create together as a truly transformed team.

A little more about Robyn’s own journey…….

Robyn describes herself as a person whose passion is to assist people to discover their own purpose and passion…and in so doing, bring spiritual values into a grounded, third dimensional reality…. in a fun and informative manner.

Her aim is to introduce people, from all walks of life, to the ‘possibility’ that we are all connected…and therefore that we do have individual choice and personal responsibility in how we live and work in this world.

She has also, over the past few years, finally got the message that ‘it is the journey, not the destination’ that is of value.

Hosting and producing her own interview/chat show has been a 15 year dream….and “Conversations With Robyn” is now that reality….a program where people who are truly making a difference – locally and globally…can be provided with a broader platform to share their knowledge and life learning’s.

Robyn also acknowledges she has been very blessed to have a solid, ”University of Life” training ground, and began her diverse communications career within the Advertising Industry. She worked as an Account Executive with three of Sydney’s top ad agencies for ten years, until 1984, when she sold her Sydney home and moved to Queensland, to pursue her passion for writing. Robyn believed she could make a difference as a Social Issues writer…. and not have to be seen…so to speak.

She is the first to acknowledge that ‘when we take the first step….we are given the next nine’. And this huge leap of faith in 1984, ultimately provided her with an opportunity to work at the Hyatt Regency at Coolum from 1992 – 97 as an experiential, outdoor corporate team building facilitator – working with Australian and international companies.

Life was preparing Robyn to be seen and heard, and it was during this time frame she began working through her own shyness and low self esteem issues. She then returned to Sydney in 1997 (‘kicking and screaming’, as she puts it, as coming back to Sydney was not in her plan) and has since facilitated programs and presented in many areas ranging from corporate & small business through to schools, and community organisations for mental health, women’s jails, suicide prevention, and people long term unemployed.

Robyn’s ongoing goal is to continue developing her career as a speaker/presenter/trainer/writer, whilst producing and hosting “Conversations With Robyn”, with the prime aim of taking it to a more global audience.

Click here to see her training website, Unison Communications Pty Ltd..